October 21, 2011


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The Incas was surrounded by a lot of their rival tribes, most of the tribes was stronger than the Incas themselves, but the Incas had to fight harder and also to be more stronger, for them to survive and defeat their enemies. The Incas had used hand-crafted weapons to help them become successful in battles like, bows, arrows, spears which was one of their best weapons they could handle well, Bola which was a throwing device, slingshots, clubs and battle axes. Most of these weapons was often used by the people who had fought.

The Inca warriors would use slings with objects in them to fling the objects at their targets, bolas was also used to fire at their enemies in the start of the battle. If they were further away from their enemies they would use the slings,bolas and the bow and arrows. But when the Incas knew that their enemy was  close enough to attack them with close-ranged attacks, they would have grabbed clubs and battle axes they have carried or have a hand to hand fight. The clubs was made of wood and was very heavy.

Most metals was not very known by the Incas like, iron and steel. Their weapons was not as good as their enemies, and therefore they would have been beaten in most of their battles. During the time they had started going into battle, they would have beat drums and a trumpet-like instruments to blow.

Slingshot warriors were used only by the slingshot warriors, they were often positioned around the first row of battle. But they had also had a second weapon carrying with them and had used it once they came in contact with their enemies, which was a common strategic method. They would use Bolas, spears, bows,arrows and slingshots in the start of the battle, the bolas was similar to the Aztec weapon which preformed the same purpose.

They had used axes and truncheons, which contained very sharp stones or copper around the parts where it would hit the person, which was often used when they had been close. They often did this to prevent too many deaths which will cause less warriors and people to fight. As each person who had volunteered to fight, had to walk on foot to the battlefield. The first wave of the ‘army’ of Incas would had thrown the enemies in sight, to cause less enemies from attacking and making it easier for the Incas when they fight face to face. The Inca warriors was described really discipline and courageous people.

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Note: Was not able to create the same structure of research as the Aztec blog.

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